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The movie release of “Pardoned By Grace” is significant to Behind The Wire Ministries as it accurately portrays Scott’s incredible story and the redemptive work of Christ in a life fully surrendered.


The whole purpose of the movie is to portray the amazing power of grace.  It’s this same principle that is driving the work “Behind The Wire Ministries” is doing in prisons around the United States.  


You can now own this amazing story on DVD, and you can also support Scott’s prison ministry work by donating DVD’s back to “Behind The Wire Ministries”.  

Your donation and purchase of the DVD will enable the movie to be used as a resource declaring God’s grace and gospel to thousands of inmates who need the hope offered in this story today.

Based on a true story, this film follows the life of Scott Highberger, an inmate turned prison minister. Through trial and tribulation, Scott met a God greater than addiction and crime who saved his life.

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